Vive la Indie Revolution

Peter Cawdron, Indie author, explains very well why I chose independent publishing.


Over the past few years there’s been a revolution in self-published novels, and it’s far from complete, but it’s healthy and vibrant thanks to Amazon.

Like Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft & Apple, Amazon started in a garage before growing into a multi-national corporation with a staggering US$74 billion dollar turnover in 2013.

Like any large corporation, Amazon has had a checkered past, with claims of tax avoidance in the UK and allegations of poor working conditions in its numerous warehouses.

You can’t accuse Amazon of being a wallflower. It’s an organization with clear goals and aggressive drive, learning from its mistakes and pioneering new markets, such as independent publishing.

Call me naive, but I think Amazon is an intelligent, progressive organisation. Ah, I can hear the cynics already crying, “Amazon’s only after one thing, shareholder profit.” Maybe. Maybe not.

In 1970, Milton Friedman popularized the notion that companies exist for the sole reason of…

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