Fallen Down World – my Novel is here!

Many years ago (MANY – back in the 80s and 90s), I tried very hard to try to get some stories published. I couldn’t get an agent to read anything and I couldn’t get a publisher to read anything if I didn’t have an agent. It seems that back then, they didn’t think there was a market for Young Adult novels with teenagers as the protagonists. Until J. K. Rowling came along with her Harry Potter series, it was a struggle to find anything for the YA market that wasn’t from the 50s and 60s.

I pretty much gave up writing. But a little over a year ago, and inspired by my fiance, who has had his short stories published in a few anthologies, I decided that the stories in me just needed to be written. I published a short story in 2012, and shortly afterward, began writing the story I’ve always wanted to read. Enter my new book, which just went live on Amazon Kindle yesterday. I’m so excited about this – I’ve always loved survival stories, whether they be due to an accident or a post-apocalyptic event (my book is the latter). Here is the link and the blurb.

Fallen Down World


Florida was supposed to be all sunny beaches and Disney World, the perfect vacation. Instead, fifteen-year-old Dani is the only member of her family not struck with a ferocious new flu. Now the only part of Florida she cares about is the road out. Home is what her family needs, but home is a thousand miles away.

Dani’s family aren’t the only ones who are sick. The hospitals and highways are littered with the dead and dying. Dani is soon adrift in a world where she struggles to find food and fuel as she tries to get her family home. In this terrifying new world, every stranger is a threat and each mile is a battle.

But home isn’t the salvation Dani hopes for. Now, she needs to survive in a world that will never be the same.


Please take advantage of Amazon’s “Look Inside” option to get a flavor for the story – and if you should happen to decide to buy it, please feel free to leave a review. I’d love to know what you think, good or bad. 🙂



Talk Talk

Beautiful post on Today’s Author by Sharon Bonin-Pratt about dialogue and the “spaces” in between.

Today's Author

people_talkingBaby talk. Small talk. Sexy talk. Rant, whisper, inform. Stutter, harangue, order. Insult, complain, gossip. Coo. Share transgressions with friends and make them your confessors. Share plans with colleagues and make them your partners. Share rumors with neighbors and make them your enemies. Talk all day and long into the night. Talk talk.

If I can talk I should easily be able to write dialogue as true as a razor is straight, right? Simply transfer all that talking to words on paper, just the way I hear it, just the way I say it.

So we, um, just write what we talk about and, can you, um, pass me the chips, thanks, and it’s sorta like what I was saying, ya know? Oof, that’s a terrible take.

I guess I have to clean up my speech for the written page because that sentence, 28 words, said diddly squat.

My travail…

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