Rough Draft Complete

Even with the rigors of going back to grad school in my middle age, the rough draft of my first YA novel is complete. I’m very excited about this, as I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do it until grad school was over. Here are a few things that helped me along:

1. If I felt like procrastinating a paper for class, I procrastinated by writing a paragraph or two in my book. Usually, I could only write a few sentences before the pressure of completing the paper took over, but that just made it a win-win.

2. I kept a notebook with me wherever I went, so if I thought of a good line or twist, I could jot it down. Half of that book was written first in a notebook while I was waiting (for a doctor’s appointment, for class to start, etc.)

3. I created a facebook page as an “author” page dedicated to my written work, and invited all of my friends to like the page. Facebook gives me weekly status updates, which reminds me that I haven’t posted my progress there in awhile. This makes me want to make progress, so I can post an update. It’s a cycle.

4. I created this blog, and want to have things of interest to write here as well, so I was motivated to keep the book going, even if it meant staying up into the wee hours to do it, or just getting one sentence in there a day.

Do you have any “tricks” for keeping yourself writing, even if you’re not feeling motivated? I’d love to hear them!


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